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Windows Apps

Not so much a list of whats good and why, but rather a cheat sheet to where to go to download the apps after you pc needed to be re-imaged.

  • Ninite: Install many of these apps all at once (nice resource!)



  • Strawberry Perl.  Can't always have a shell open to a good OS.
  • Git: for the sake of your code!
  • VIM: for the sake of your sanity!


  • Synergy: why only use one computer!
  • Dexpot: Lets you have multiple workspaces on a windoz box.  (not as good as what you get on a linux box, but at least it's something.
  • KeePass.  Great password repository.
  • procexp: best top ever!
  • InfraRecorder: for burning iso's
  • CCleaner: Wipe your free space
  • Video ripping with MakeMKV and Handbreak


  • Camstudio: for video captures in courseware or other training videos.
  • klok2: Great time tracking tool that's light weight and easy to use.  ($$)
  • FreeMind.  Mind Mapping tool like MindManager but free.
  • Cademia: Great free Cad package for floorplans.
  • Snagit: screen capturing.  ($$$)
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