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Monitoring / Internet Based Tools

Free Internet Tools to use:

Free Monitoring Solutions:

  • Cacti: Good SNMP Poller and grapher.  ("nexgen-MRTG")
  • Ganglia Monitoring System: Great for collecting enormous data within massive sets of data centers.  Does not do alarming.
  • Nagios: Simple standard for host based monitoring and alerting.
  • Zabbix: Next step up from Cacti.
  • OpenTSDB: Very scalable monitoring platform.  Sounds like Ganglia-ish.
  • RANSID: simple config collector. 
  • SmokePing: a nice pinging tool that graphs and uses rrdb

Expensive Solutions to Note:

  • appneta: icmp based hosted monitoring solution.  Does not compare to the above, but provides interesting QoS metrics.


  • SLAC's Network Monitoring Tools: Great list of all monitoring tools out there. (gotta love education jobs, with all that free time :) ... thank god for them!)

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