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  • dns: What it is and how to set it up.
  • dnstracer: view the registar and what roots resolve
  • dig: like nslookup only better

  • fping is a pinging utility that will sweep ip ranges.
  • mtr: pinging and traceroute
Site Analysis
  • nmap: Scan IP/Ports on a network
  • zmap: Scan IP/Ports on a network 
  • ipcalc: compute network ranges around IP/Masks
  • netperf: send traffic between two hosts, and review the behavior of the network
  • tcpdump: capture packets seen by your machine
  • dummynet: WAN traffic emulation tool
  • watch: View via cli interface traffic
  • ntopng: IP Flow for your hosts


Shell Scripts: 

System Deployments:

VM Services:


Revision Control
  • git: A good revision control system for code.  (does not deal with larger binaries very well.) 
  • subversion: Not as good as git for some things, but holds binaries better. 
File Transfers and Manipulation: 
  • rsync: A fantastic copy tool.
  • sed/awk: Auuughhh!!!
  • sshpass: How to run ssh commands without getting prompted for a pass
  • tftp: The steps for setting up a TFTP daemon on your server.
  • wget: Allows you to backup content from web or FTP sites
  • curl: just like wget
  • tar+gz: how to stuff a lot of files into one zipped up one.  
  • ztools: different commands for working with compressed (.gz) files
  • nfs: mounting remote volumes locally
  • using Tapes (LTO): how to get a tape storage device working
Shell level stuff: 
  • bash: Your shell and how to modify it. 
  • screen: multiple sessions on one window.  Also helps with disconnecting wan links.
  • grep: few tricks to finding stuff
  • df and du: looking at disk and directory usage
  • Diffing tools: A couple of them out there...
  • sudo: allowing folks to do rooty stuff


  • snmp: polling and alerting tool
  • ntpd: Setting up your box to host or query the correct time.  
  • nload: view network interface traffic


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