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First time connect to an Unleashed AP


This goes over the process for how to connect to a Ruckus Unleashed AP, and what steps to follow to do a first time setup


When you power on an Unleashed OS on a Ruckus AP, you will be shown a wifi SSID called Configure-Me-XXXXXX.  Select it and open up a browser.  

Configure First AP

If your browser doesn't automatically connect, in your browser go to the url: unleashed.ruckuswireless.com

accept the unsigned cert of the web page, and you will get to the initial spash screen from the AP: 

Select Create New Unleashed Network, and then select Start.  

Once it's done, confirm you are still connected to the AP (Configure-Me-XXXXXX) and select Next. 

Define the AP Name: 

Setup the Mgmt IP (and DHCP settings): 

Define the SSID: 

Define admin account: 

Confirm and finish: 

Reconnect to new AP: 

Once the new settings have been made, you will need to reconnect to your new config.  
When the new settings are set, the Ruckus will show you the following page.  
Reconnect to the new SSID

And select the mgmt link https://unleashed.ruckuswireless.com/ to manage the AP and bring up the following page. (note that the username/password was defined above in the define admin account section).