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Factory Reset / Virgin-ise the AP


If you can not login to the AP (you forgot the user/password), the easiest solution is to manually factory reset the unit.  

Manually Reset Unit: 

To manually factory reset the unit, flip the AP over, and find the RESET button/hole.  

While powered on, hold down on the reset button for more then 6 seconds.  When the reset is complete, the PWR LED will switch modes: 

PWR LED modes: 

  • solid RED = bootup process
  • blinks GREEN = system in factory default state
  • solid GREEN = configured AP

Location of the RESET button: 

The reset button is on the bottom of the AP, next to the etherenet jack.  (it's labeled)  You need a pen or paperclip to depress the button.  

Reset via the GUI: 

If you can login to the AP, and you still want to reset the unit, you can do that by going to the Administrator tab, and select Backup & Restore.  From there, select the Restore to Factory Settings button.  

While it's resetting itself, the AP will give you the following status page....