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Adding basic guest services


Create a generic guest service

Under WiFi Networks(1) select the Create(2) button to create a new network.  

In the Create WLAN window, for the Name(1) field, enter in the SSID you want for the wifi network.  Then under Usage Type, select the radio button for Guest Access(2).  Note that when you do this, you will get an alert saying that there is no guest service.  Press OK(3) to continue.  
The Create WLAN window will adjust, and then under Guest Access Service, select the Create New(1) button

The Create Guest Access Service window will appear.  Within the General(1) tab, under Name(2) enter in the name of the new service.  Keep Onboarding Portal blank, Then under Authentication (3) select No authentication, and then select Terms of Use(4) and enter in what you want for some silly verbiage.  

Example generic wifi terms and conditions: Here's a few examples of TaC

Then select OK to create the WLAN.  

Changing VLANs for the Networks

If you have a guest and a normal vlan, you can dump all of this traffic on the same network and prevent guest traffic from getting places thought the ACLs located in Admin