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Securid - Adding Devices to Radius


Viewing Current Clients:

In the Security Console, select the Radius tab, and go into the Radius Clients and Manage Existing

From there, you can view all the current systems associated to the Radius server

Right clicking on any of the items will provide a pull down, where you can choose to View the settings of the device.

Adding a new Client:

From the Security Console, under the Radius tab, select Radius Clients and Add New

In the Add Radius Client Window, add the following:
  • Client Name: A name to refer this entry to.  (good to use the dns name to keep track of it)
  • IP Address: Address of the new client (and source of the traffic)
  • Make/Model: Check the pull down to see if they have an exact match for the device. 
  • Shared Secret: A password to share between the two devices.

When you are done, select Save and Create Associated RSA Agent

Then select Save to continue.