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Initial Setup

Configure Appliance

  1. Plug in appliance to power supply.
  2. Login to CLI using following terminal settings:
    • 9600 bps
      8 data bits
      Parity none
      Stop bits 1
      vt100 emulation
      No flow control
  3. Login as admin/password
  4. If asked “Do you want to auto-configure using CMC?”  Enter no. 
  5. If asked “Do you want to use the configuration wizard for initial configuration?” Enter yes.  Go to step 7. 
  6. If you find yourself at a greater-than prompt, enter:
    • >enable
      #configure terminal
      (config) # configuration jump-start
  7. Enter Hostname.
  8. Recommend no for DHCP.
  9. Enter Primary IP Address.  The Primary IP Address is used to access the management console on the primary port on the rear of the unit.
  10. Enter netmask for Primary IP Address.
  11. Enter default gateway for Primary IP Address, usually the router IP address.
  12. Enter Primary DNS server (optional)
  13. Enter domain name. (optional)
  14. Changing admin password is recommended.
  15. SMTP is optional.
  16. Notification email is optional.
  17. Set primary interface speed to auto.
  18. Set primary duplex to auto.
  19. Enter ‘yes’ to activate in-path configuration.
  20. Set in-path IP address.  The in-path address is a logical interface assigned to the LAN/WAN interfaces.
  21. Enter In-Path Netmask.
  22. Enter In-Path Default Gateway, usually the router IP address.
  23. Set in-path LAN interface speed to auto.
  24. Set in-path WAN interface duplex to auto.
  25. Hit <enter> to save changes and exit.