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Commando (IEC 60309)


P = power, 
N = neutral, 
E = earth or ground

So a P+N+E cable would have one pin with power (1 phase), one with neutral, and a ground.
and a 3P+N+E cable would have three powered pins (3 phase) with a neutral and ground.  

Color Coding Based on Voltage (not power)

The color code is based on the voltage and possibly the frequency (Hz) of the power going over the cable.  The diameter of the plug is for the amps running over the plug.  
Voltage rangeFrequency rangeColour code
20–25 V50/60 HzPurple
40–50 V50/60 HzWhite
100–130 V50/60 HzYellow
200–250 V50/60 HzBlue
380–480 V50/60 HzRed
500–690 V50/60 HzBlack
->60–500 HzGreen
None of the aboveGrey

Pin Out Logic: 

The location of the ground pin to the "key-way" helps set what kind of VA's the plug can handle.  

2P+E (4 o'clock)100-130 VAC
2P+E (6 o'clock)200-250 VAC
3P+E (6 o'clock)380-415 VAC
3P+N+E (6 o'clock)347/600 
Ground pin
Pin configuration (P: power, N: neutral, E: earth or ground)
P+N+E, 2P+E3P+E3P+N+E
60° / 2h (2 o'clock)>50 V 300–500 Hz green housing>50 V 300–500 Hz green housing>50 V 300–500 Hz green housing
90° / 3h (3 o'clock)50–250 V DC380 V 50 Hz
440 V 60 Hz
220/380 V 50 Hz
250/440 V 60 Hz
120° / 4h (4 o'clock)100–130 V AC yellow housing100–130 V AC yellow housing57–75/100–130 V AC yellow housing
150° / 5h (5 o'clock)277 V 60 Hz600–690 V AC black housing347–400/600–690 V AC black housing
180° / 6h (6 o'clock)200–250 V AC blue housing380–415 V AC red housing200–240/346–415 V AC red housing
210° / 7h (7 o'clock)480–500 V AC black housing480–500 V AC black housing277–288/480–500 V AC black housing
240° / 8h (8 o'clock)250 V DC
270° / 9h (9 o'clock)380–415 V AC red housing200–250 V AC blue housing120–144/208–250 V AC blue housing
300° / 10h (10 o'clock)>50 V, 100–300 Hz green housing
330° / 11h (11 o'clock)440–460 V 60 Hz red housing250–265/440—460 V 60 Hz, red housing

You could also look at this in a clock view, where the 1h-12h (1 o'clock to 12 o'clock) location of the ground cable provides the following power outputs: