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VPN Tunnels


User roles out of the box will not allow VPN Tunneling.  You need to make a few changes to those roles for VPN tunneling to be an option for the users. 

See how to setup VPN Connect to view a review of all the steps needed to get vpn connect working, and see how to create all the VPN Tunneling Resource profile to manage all the different features specific to enabling vpn tunnels

Enable VPN Tunnels on a USER Role:

Under Users(1) and User Roles(2), select the General(3) tab, and the Overview(4) sub-tab.  Then select the VPN Tunneling(5) checkbox, and Save Changes(6). 

Modify VPN options for the USER ROLE. 

in the User Role, under the VPN Tunneling(1) tab, enter in the following:

2. Split Tunneling: "Disable" sends ALL traffic through the tunnel.  Its more secure, but prevents you from connecting to your local printers, and puts more bandwidth on the VPN server.  
3. Route Precedence: "Tunnel routes" means that all the routes provided by the VPN will win over the local route statements. 
4. Route Monitor: "Yes" makes sure that the user does not modify the routes on their side (like enable split tunneling).  More secure, but less flexible to the power users.