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Customize the Login Page

You can create custom login pages, with their own colors, images, etc.  and assign them to different Sign On Policies

New Login Page Example:

In this example, we are creating a sign in page with it's own color, and then assigning it to a previously created sign on policy. 

Create the new Login page:

From the Authentication(1) section, under Signing In(2), select the Sign-In Pages(3) tab, and select the New Page(4) button. 

Modify the Login Page:

In the New Sign-In Page creation page, Name(1) the new page testSigninPage, modify the background color to red by entering #FF0000 in the Background color box(2), and then create the page by selecting the Save Change(3) button. 

Link the Page to a URL:

Select the page you want to modify under Authentication(1) and Signing In(2), and the Sign-In Policies(3) tab.  Then select the URL(4) that you want to link the new page to.

In the URLs config page, select testSigninPage under the Sign-in Page(1) pulldown, and save the modification with the Save Changes(2) button. 

Login to see new Login Page:

From the changes we have made eirlier, we set this page up to load via the url

When you go there, you get the following login page.   By selecting the proper Realm in the pulldown, you can login with the testUser2 user you created earlier.