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User Account

Add a user account: 

when creating a user, you define their username, you note their full name, set their userid and class, and then provide a password: 
set system login user chuck full-name "chuckiecheezie"
set system login user chuck uid 2001
set system login user chuck class superuser
set system login user chuck authentication plain-text-password
{enter password}

When you do a show, you'll see the change comes out looking like this: 
system {
    login {
        user chuck {
            full-name "chuckiecheezie";
            uid 2001;
            class superuser;
            authentication {
                encrypted-password "a5kjAXW7GKhea5kjAXW7GKhea5kjAXW7GKhe"; ## SECRET-DATA

Note that you will need to make sure that the interface that you want to connect to has the proper security-zone setting, and allows ssh for host-inbound-traffic system-services.