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Interview Questions

  • What's the difference between a hub, bridge, switch and router
  • what's the difference between a statefull and stateless firewall/router
  • What's the difference between ICMP, UDP, and TCP
  • whats the difference between a /24 and /23 network and why

  • DNS question: "what happens when you connect with your browser to www.google.com"
  • what is an A Record/C Record
  • Bind: named.conf file vs db.ADDR
Spanning tree question: "how would you wire a bunch of 100m switches with 1G uplinks, if you had them as core switches too?)

  • what is a mib vs oid?
  • what is stored in an oid and how do you get it, and what are the different types of variables?

Wireless question: user connects in and sticks to AP as they move around the office

  • ASBR, IR, ABR?  (ASBR links "RIP" domains with ospf, IR normal router in an area, ABR is a router bridging areas)
  • Stub vs. Totally Stubby vs. not so stubby areas?
  • States: do you know all 6?  what's better established, idle or active? 
  • what is the difference between an ibgp and ebgp route? (same as as you)
  • Weight Metric, Local Pref, MED (weight prefers neighbors on single router, local pref is same but for an ibgp group.  med tells peer which path to send traffic through)