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set network via console

Default Login: 

Infoblox default user name and password are the following: 
user: admin
pass: infoblox

Setting the IP via the console: 

Note when you are done running this command, you are automatically logged out.

Infoblox > set network
NOTICE: All HA configuration is performed from the GUI.  This interface is
        used only to configure a standalone node or to join a grid.
Enter IP address [Default:]:
Enter netmask [Default:]:
Enter gateway address [Default:]:
Configure IPv6 network settings? (y or n): n
NOTE: IPv6 network settings not configured.
Become grid member? (y or n): n

 New Network Settings:
  IP address: 
  Gateway address:
        Is this correct? (y or n): y
        Are you sure? (y or n): y
 The network settings have been updated

Good Bye