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Configuring the LTM: 

  • Upgrading OS: Upgrade to the newer OS
  • Basic Setup: Just getting the interfaces/routes up and working.
  • HA Setup: How to link two LB's together
  • VIPs: Creating virtual servers, and pools. 
  • Creating Users: Create users
  • Enabling SNMP: Be able to monitor it 
  • Virgining the Box: Bring it back to the factory defaults
  • Save the Configs: How to backup the box

Basic LB Setups:

  • Basic VIPs:  How to enable a simple load balanced pool of servers
  • Stickyness: Or persistence, or Source Address Affinity Persistence. Making customers traffic stick to one backend server. 
  • SNAT: Change the source address of the traffic to handle funky routing
  • Adding SSL Certs: How to setup https traffic.  

Advanced LB Settings: 



  • Old: Just for the fun of it, old v2-v3 Docs.