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Security Additions

Turn off Default Services

These default services should be turned off.
no service udp-small-servers no service tcp-small-servers no service finger no ip source-route no ip redirects no ip unreachables no ip proxy-arp no cdp run

Control telnet Access

Rather than having a single password to log into the router, setup individual login's for each user, and then a superuser password for root access. Also create an access list to prevent telnet access to the router.
user {username} password {users_password} line vty 0 4 login local access-class 3 in access-list 3 permit {address of allowable hosts to telnet}

Crank down SNMP

SNMP is a HUGE gaping hole! Not having it on is best, but if you need it for management, then tighten it down with access lists and random community strings.
snmp-server community secret RO 1 access-list 1 permit {address of snmp server}