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IOS Configs

House Cleaning: 

Basic Configs: 


    • HSRP: (like vrrp, but cisco only)
    • BGP: how to connect to the internet

    Advanced Features: 

    • Security Additions: List of additions to the standard config that make the box more secure.
    • Layer 3 QoS.  In the routing world, it's about slowing down everyone.
    • dhcp forwarder: how to forward layer-2 dhcp packets over a layer 3 network.
    • DHCP Server: How to have the router provide dhcp services.  
    • bridging vlans: How to install a wan accelerator logically rather then having to physically install it between devices in your network.  
    • limited access user: Allow monitoring tools to grab configs but not make changes (ie:rancid)
    • AAA + ISDN + PPP: Configuring ISDN dialup with console and PPP, and with AAA (radius) authentication.


    Hardware Issues: