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ASA-Base Config

Start Clean

Base Configs:

  • Interfaces and Routes: How to define physical and virtual interfaces, and to setup basic static routes
  • User Accounts: How to configure users and allow them access to the firewall:
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant: A few additions to the config to make it a bit harder to crack
  • Failover Configuration: What to do to pair two firewalls in an HA setup.
  • Syslogging: How to get your logs off the firewall, and how much to collect.
  • SNMP: How to allow snmp polling of your firewall. 
  • CLI Prompt: use the prompt command to change the prompt to indicate the status of the firewall


  • Outbound PATing: (port address translation) How to set up many internal IP address in an office to all go out one IP on the outside of a firewall. 
  • Inbound NATing: (network address translation) How to send traffic to an internal server by using an IP address on the outside of the firewall. 

Access Control Lists: 

  • Downward Flow: The firewall has this idea of more and less secure networks.   Traveling "downward" (from a more secure to less) can be done without the need of an ACL.  
  • Interface ACL's:  Reviews how you can create an ACL and bind it to an interface.