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1. General

General Cisco links that could be applicable for many different cisco products.

2. Firewalls

Cisco ASA, (version 9)

  • Base ConfigConfigure interfaces, setup routes, and setup inbound NAT's and outbound PATs

Cisco ASA, (version 8)

  • VPN's:  How to setup VPN access to your firewalls (IPSEC and SSL)
  • Capture command:  How to run tcpdump on the ASA
  • Class Maps: how to use them to allow specific TCP traffic though the firewall


  • IPSec Theory Cheat Sheet.  The form, and howto for connecting two companies with VPN.

Older Firewall Versions: 

    3. Switching/Routers:

    • Routing Theory: (<--Go through and clean up!-->) A list of different routing protocols, the theory behind them, and how to use them on a cisco router.
    • IOS Configs: A list of HowTo's for setting up a router and making it do specific things.  
    • Nexus Configs: Standard config templates, and what makes what do what.
    • CatOS Configs: How to configure different things in catos, cisco's older switching os
    • 300 Switches: Very low end switches that are "almost" running ios

    5. VoIP

    6. Wifi

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