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Testing High Availability

Confirm HA Status: 

use the cphaprobe command to make sure that you have an active/standby pair, and what the local IP's are between them.  (normally these IPs are part of the cluster link.)

[Expert@BOS-CKP-FW2:0]# cphaprob stat

Cluster Mode:   High Availability (Active Up) with IGMP Membership

Number     Unique Address  Assigned Load   State

1     100%            Active
2 (local)     0%              Standby


Check the number of connections on both firewalls.  This shows that they are properly syncing state between them.  (the numbers will not match up exactly, but should be close.)

[Expert@BOS-CKP-FW2:0]# fw tab -t connections -s
HOST                  NAME                                ID #VALS #PEAK #SLINKS
localhost             connections                       8158  1508 14569    5168


clusterXL_admin down

cluserXL_admin up