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setup via gui wizard

Login to the firewalls GUI to get to the wizard. 

The first time wizard should immediately come online

Install with the R77.20 OS version

Enter in the new Admin Password

Define the management interface

Define the external interface that can connect out to the internet, and download updates from checkpoint

Define the firewalls name, domain and DNS 

add NTP info: 

Define if the firewall should be a firewall, or a NPM (firewall manager), or if it should run both on the same platform.  Also define if this should be part of a cluster.  

If you are setting up a firewall with static IPs, enter No

Enter in a temporary password that will be used to link this firewall with the NPM manager.  You will need to remember it and enter it into the NPM when you establish a connection between it and the firewall, but after that, it will not be needed anymore.  

Don't worry about the activation at this point.  We will take care of this in a following step. 

finish the config

Wait for the update to be completed

all done