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Confirming hardware edition

Need to confirm if we can run in 64 bit mode rather then 32. 

Currently the box is set to 32: 

You can confirm if you can upgrade this one of two ways: 

Checking via CLI: 

Checking the stats on the box: 
lxi-labfw3> show asset all 
Platform: T-160-00
Model: Check Point 4600
Serial Number: 1345B00170
CPU Frequency: 2926.079
Disk Model: WDC WD2503ABYX-01WERA1
Disk Capacity: 251 GB
Memory Slot 1 Size: 4096 MB
Number of line cards: 0
If it's more than 6MB, you can run 64.  

if so, you would upgrade with the set edition command  (and then you reboot)

Checking from the GUI: 

You can also simply click the "32-bit" link

from there you will get a page that shows if you can change the edition or not.