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Linking a SSL VPN 680 to a RADIUS Server


Please note Securid - Adding Devices to Radius for how to setup your securID box to link with the Barracuda. 

Radius Setup:

The following steps will get it so your users can log in using their RSA token keys instead of the built in passwords.


From the SSLADMIN account, Under the Access Control Tab, select Configuration

Then scroll down to the Radius section. 

Assuming a basic setup with your RSA device, there are not many changes you need to make here,

  • Radius Server: The IP Address of the radius box
  • Authentication Port: (default) The TCP port the radius box is listening over
  • Accounting Port: (default) The TCP port the radius box is listening over
  • Authentication Method: "PAP"
  • Radius Attributes: "User-Name = %USERNAME%" and "User-Password = %PASSWORD%"
  • Reject Challenge: "No"

Authentication Schemes:

Under the Access Control Tab, under the Authentication Schemes sub-tab, create the following:
  • Name: RSA
  • Available Modules: RADIUS
  • Available Policies: (all policies who should use the Radius server)
Note that if this is a new server, an you dont have any policies defined yet, continue on with that, and come back later and fill this in.

Then under Authentication Schemes, the new RSA scheme will be created.  To make sure that users authenticate with it, select its  More... button, Increase Priority so that it will be the top of the list. 
You can also disable WebDAV by selecting its More... and selecting Disable