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Initial Setup Wizard

Connecting to the device

You can get to the box either by https or console.   

Setup via web

If you want to connect via the web,
"The PC or workstation must either be configured to obtain its IP address using DHCP, or configured to have a static IP address on the subnetwork. The default IP address of the controller is Connect a PC or workstation to a line port on the controller, then enter this IP address into a supported Web browser to launch the Setup Wizard."

Setup via Console

If you want to connect via console, the terminal is 9600baud, 8/n/1

Auto-provisioning is in progress. Choose one of the following options to override or debug...
    'enable-debug'  : Enable auto-provisioning debug logs
    'disable-debug' : Disable auto-provisioning debug logs
    'mini-setup'    : Stop auto-provisioning and start mini setup dialog for branch role
    'full-setup'    : Stop auto-provisioning and start full setup dialog for any role

Enter Option (partial string is acceptable): full

Next comes the setup wizard.  Fill it out to configure the basics of the host.  
Enter System name [Aruba7005]:
Enter Switch Role (master|local|standalone|branch) [master]:
Enter VLAN 1 interface IP address []:
Enter VLAN 1 interface subnet mask []:
Enter IP Default gateway [none]:
Do you wish to configure IPV6 address on vlan 1 (yes|no) [yes]: no
This controller is restricted, please enter country code (US|PR|GU|VI|MP|AS|FM|MH) [US]:
You have chosen Country code US for United States (yes|no)?: yes
Enter Time Zone [PST-8:0]:
Enter Time in UTC [18:43:15]: 19:00:00
Enter Date (MM/DD/YYYY) [6/29/2018]:
Enter Password for admin login (up to 32 chars): *******************************
Re-type Password for admin login: *******************************
Enter Password for enable mode (up to 15 chars): ************
Re-type Password for enable mode: ************
Do you wish to shutdown all the ports (yes|no)? [no]:

Current choices are:

System name: Aruba7005
Switch Role: master
VLAN 1 interface IP address:
VLAN 1 interface subnet mask:
IP Default gateway:
Option to configure VLAN 1 interface IPV6 address: no
Country code: US
Time Zone: PST-8:0
Ports shutdown: no

If you accept the changes the switch will restart!
Type <ctrl-P> to go back and change answer for any question
Do you wish to accept the changes (yes|no)yes
Creating configuration... Done.

System will now restart!

Then you can watch the reboot process until the box comes back online.  (it takes a few min)
[19:03:06]:Starting rebootme

[19:03:06]:Shutdown processing started
[19:03:11]:Starting database backup
[19:03:11]:Syncing data...

[19:03:14]:Shutting down database server
[19:03:17]:Starting Time sync
[19:03:17]:Time sync [Done]
Please stand by while rebooting the system.

Stage 1 Loader (build 56553)
Built: 2016-09-22 at 05:05:37

Secure Boot Enabled on the Processor

Bank: Primary
CPLD:  rev: 3.2 (0x10:002c)
PRID: 000C1203
Initialized I2C0 Controller.
Initialized I2C1 Controller.
SPD Rev:0x11 DIMM:0 Type:2 Speed:666MHz #Rank:1
DDR3: Node 0 Channel 0 Mem size = 4096 MB UDIMM
set freq:666666
DDR3: Node 0 DRAM frequency 666 MHz
DDR3: Node 0 CPU frequency 500 MHz
mtb_ps:125 clock:1500 trc:33 trcd:9 trp:9
AP3:A0CFFF0 ODTP1:10000
Board DDR VDD set to 1.35V.
N:0 CH:0 additional rdlvl rdly:1
N:0 Ch:0 m:32 s:32 R OK.
Rank:0 HW WLVL Passed Mask:1FF
AP3:A0CFFF0 ODTP1:10000
n:0 ch:0 RTT WR:0200
===N:0 Ch:0 m:32 s:32 RW OK.
Node:0 Ch:0 TGE Set Memory:4096 MB value:FF FF -- PASS
Node:0 Ch:0 TGE Set Memory:4096 MB value:FF 00 -- PASS
Node:0 Ch:0 TGE Set Memory:4096 MB value:AA 55 -- PASS
Node:0 Ch:0 TGE Set Memory:4096 MB value:00 00 -- PASS

DDR3 Initialization Passed.
NBU0 DRAM BAR0 base: 00000000 limit: 0013f000 xlate: 00000001 node: 00000000 (    0 MB ->   320 MB, size:   320 MB)
NBU0 DRAM BAR1 base: 001d0000 limit: 00bff000 xlate: 00090001 node: 00000000 (  464 MB ->  3072 MB, size:  2608 MB)
NBU0 DRAM BAR2 base: 00e00000 limit: 0128f000 xlate: 00290001 node: 00000000 ( 3584 MB ->  4752 MB, size:  1168 MB)
Hit Ctrl + X keys to stop autoboot:  0

CPBoot image is signed
Verifying CPBoot checksum...
CPBoot check passed
Signer Cert OK
Policy Cert OK
RSA signature verified.
## Starting application at 0x8C100000 ...

CPBoot (build 56553)
Built: 2016-09-22 at 04:52:55

CPLD:  rev: 3.2 (2c)
Flash: 16 MB
PCIE (B0:D01:F0) : No Link.
Pwr Mngr: 24
Power: DC Adapter
Bank:  Primary
Board: A7005
CPU:   XLP208 Rev B1 (Secure Boot)
Clock: Core 500 MHz / SoC 500 MHz (0c3c0fe2)
Reboot code: 0:2:19: 3:32
Proto :5
Net:   ge-3, ge-2, ge-1, ge-0
Inventory Verification: PASS
Hit Ctrl + X key to stop autoboot:  0
USB0:   setting speed to USB_SPEED_HIGH
2 USB Device(s) found
#1 Storage Device(s) found
##Loading image 0:0###################
Image is signed; verifying checksum...
SHA2 Signature available
Signer Cert OK
Policy Cert OK
RSA signature verified using SHA2.
[    0.000000]   0:xlp_napi_vc_mask 0xf
[    0.000000]   0:sae frequency is 250
[    0.000000]   0:nlm_hal_set_sae_engine_sel: xlp2xx return
[    0.000000]   0:-- SAE Frequency set to 250
[    0.000000]   0:cde frequency is 333
[    0.000000]   0:CDE Frequency set to 333MHz
[    0.000000]   0:MSGRING_NAPI: Initializing NLM NAPI subsystem
[19:04:54]:...Starting rcS...

Aruba Networks
ArubaOS Version (build 58698 / label #58698)
Built by p4build@pr-hpn-build04 on 2017-03-10 at 08:39:15 UTC (gcc version 4.4.5)
(c) Copyright 2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP.

          <<<<<    Welcome to Aruba Networks - Aruba A7005-US    >>>>>

[19:05:01]:Probing for EEPROM devices                 [ OK ]
[19:05:01]:Probing for real-time clock                [ OK ]
[19:05:01]:Uncompressing core image files             [ OK ]
[19:06:09]:Extracting corefs                          [ OK ]

[19:06:12]:Enabling watchdog                          [ OK ]
[19:06:12]:Starting device manager

Performing eUSB Flash fast test...                    [ DONE ]
    [ OK ]
[19:06:13]:Mounting flash                             [ OK ]
[19:06:14]:Initializing 511MB as swap on zRam0        [ OK ]
[19:06:16]:Turning swap ON on zRAM0                   [ OK ]
[19:06:16]:Checking system inventory                  [ OK ]
[19:06:16]:Installing ancillary FS                    [ OK ]
Performing integrity check on ancillary partition 0   [ OK ]

[19:06:18]:Reboot Cause: User reboot (Intent:cause:register 78:86:0:2c)
[19:06:18]:Starting syslog service                    [ OK ]
[19:06:19]:Restoring the database                     [ OK ]
[19:06:30]:Generating SSH keys                        [ OK ]
[19:06:30]:Initializing TPM and certificates          [ OK ]
[19:06:58]:Checking for configuration upgrade         [ OK: Intra-Version Upgrade ]
[19:07:00]:rcS Done(126 sec)

[19:07:00]:Starting OS services                       [ OK ]

Reading configuration from default.cfg
Retrieving Configuration...will take approximately 1 minute


Once it's rebooted, connect to the web interface