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  • OmniGraffle: very good drawing app.   Definitely better then the new versions of Visio.  
  • Serial: A ~really~ great serial terminal for the mac.  (yea, you don't need it, but it's worth it.)
  • iTerm2: it's like MobiaXterm but for mac and it's better
  • KyPass Companion: An encrypted repo for passwords
  • Karabiner-Elements: Keyboard Customizer! (remap keys on your gaming keyboard)
  • MacVIM.  What else would you use for a text editor (!?!?!?)
  • visual code Studio from Microsoft.  Ok, that's maybe a better text editor.... (plus you can add VI controls!)
  • Xee3: An image viewer that will browse all images in a folder.  
  • Snagit: Screen capture and image markup tool
  • New File Menu: allows you to right-click add test files in directories (simple but needed)
  • XQuartz: Xterm for Mac
  • QCAD: 2D CAD software for linux
  • MakeMKV and Handbrake for ripping DVD's
  • p4merge is the best diffing app out there
  • iStat Menu is arguably a waste of money, but I really like using it to see the stats of my mac
  • For better or worse, AirMail and Fantastical are fairly good mail and calendar apps (airmail is affordable, but needs some more features, and Fantastical is great but overpriced).
  • SimpleMind: A good mind map program
  • NTFS for Mac: if you want to mount ntfs volumes and write to them (usb drives) you need this.  
  • Wifi Explorer: free wifi scanner
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code: (sigh) .. yea.. The IDE is actually really good....
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