Networking Protocols:
  • Ethernet and IP Notes: (layers 1-3) Reviews topics related to Ethernet and IP. 
  • Routing Theory: (layers 3-4) A look at different routing protocols and how they work.
  • Wifi: protocols, db loss, etc. 
Server, System, and Security Topics:
  • UNIX/LINUX:  Notes on the OS, example builds, and notes on applications (ie: vi)
  • Apple: It's like linux, only in a nice brushed metal box!
  • Microsoft: It might make you feel icky using it, but sometimes, you still have to...
  • DBA Stuff: A few things related to Databases

  • Perl: Stuff on how to, examples, and cookbooks.
  • Ruby: not much
  • Python: It was bound to happen
  • bash: when all you need to do is spit out commands
  • Java(script): Either/or... not much
  • RegExp: notes on your favorite match command
  • sed/awk: Auuughhh!!!
  • ssl certs: things to know about certs.
Specific Vendor Stuff:
Application and Service Notes:
  • Subversion: It's true, I use it.  Even though Linus thinks we're all idiots
  • Git: Like subversion, but Linus likes it.
  • Vim, and EditPlus: Both great text editing tools, but for some things being outclassed by Visual Studio Code.
  • GNS3: Virtual router lab for running tests
  • Synergy: Two computers, each with their own monitor, but one keyboard and mouse!
  • GPG: Is it still vogue to prevent folks from knowing everything about you?
  • Bind: no need to rely on your providers DNS.
  • SNMP: How to "simply" monitor other systems.
  • WAN Protocols: How to push lots of data over long hauls without the TCP latency issues.
  • Monitoring: Tools to know your net.

  • Power Standards: Plug types, local electricial standards, Watts vs. VA. etc.
  • Cable Wiring: How to run Ethernet cables, or how to interconnect Serial (RS232) devices.  (aka how do I make an adapter)
  • Fiber Jacks: Lots of different kinds out there to pick from.
  • Media Connectors: Everything from vampire taps to QSFP28 ports
  • ICAO Alphabet Codes: The International Civil Aviation Organization code for the alphabet.
  • UN/LOCODE: UN Codes for countries and cities/towns
  • Outside Plant Codes lists the different definitions for the types of cabling used by carriers. For example this explains what they mean when they replace a "F2" cable.
  • Datacenter Info: What is the difference between T1/T4, what should you look for when selecting, what questions should you ask? 
  • Datacenter Tiers: What's the difference between a T1 and T4 Datacenter?
  • Racking, Wiring, and Tracking Equipment Properly. How to build/layout cabinets properly
  • Interview Questions: a few tech questions that might be good to ask folks
  • Icons.  I know, I know... but sometimes it's nice to have a fancy desktop....  There are also some resources for Visio Icons.
  • Diagramming tools: couple of ways to document a wiring topology. 
  • Google Sites.  some (few) hints on using google sites

Network Resources:
  • cisconet.  A log of great networking references
  • ShowIPBgp.  another log, this one only of BGP notes
  • DatacenterKnowladge.  A rag that discusses datacenter news.
  • packetforlife. another technical blog/rag that talks about networking.  Good cheat sheets here too
  • notes.  
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